Jerky Boys - Hurt at Work

Jerky Boys – Hurt at Work

Description: For more prank calls check out my other vids! Originally posted 2010-05-26 00:05:30. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Human Jack-In-The-Box

Human Jack-in-the-box

Description: Bored at work so these guys thought it would be funny to scare the crap out of this poor girl.

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Bill and Bob at Work

Bill and Bob at Work

Description: Bill and Bob make some ballsy copies. From the talented cats at Boom Chicago.

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Funny Gmans Fourth Day at Work trailer

Funny Gmans Fourth Day at Work Trailer

Description: Yes! It is finally in the making! A sequel of Gmans third day at work! I was held at gunpoint and forced to make …

Bad Day At Work

Bad Day at Work

Description: Try explaining this one to your boss…

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“Working” At Work

Description: Work, can be entertaining.

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The Prank That Didn't Work

The Prank That Didn’t Work

Description: Trish asked for some water. Nick was supposed to bring her vodka. Trish was to drink the vodka. All would laugh at the prank. …

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Goofing off @ work!

Goofing Off @ Work!

Description: Apparently we all get goofy when bored at work … Office pranks

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What I like to do to the girls at work

What I Like to Do to the Girls at Work

Description: SCARY! S’pose you had to be there. … office pranks blackwell publishing ltd scared scary shocked shocking spider joke humorous

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Funny Scare Prank Pulled at work

Funny Scare Prank Pulled at Work

Description: Scaring an unsuspecting Coworker waiting for his ride home