The Dangers of Snorkeling

The Dangers of Snorkeling

Snorkeling with a brother on the loose is never good!

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Kid Tries Sink Prank On Dad

Kid Tries Sink Prank on Dad

Description: Dad doesn’t fall for the rubber band around the spray hose prank.

water prank with RA

Water Prank with Ra

Description: water prank with the RA

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Solid Water?!?!?!

Solid Water?!?!?!

Description: Failed prank! Filmed by alpaljl on MacTubeProductions’s iPhone 3G S.

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college pranks big water balloon burst

College Pranks Big Water Balloon Burst

Description: water balloon hits porter potty college guys giant water balloon onto porter potty

funny umbrella and cold water prank on buddies after smoke break

Funny Umbrella and Cold Water Prank on Buddies After Smoke Break

Description: A couple of my buddies are coming in from a smoke break so I throw freezing water on them

Water Balloons

Water Balloons

Description: this was originally a prank video, we where planning on calling our friend 2 come over and soak him with water baloons, but it …

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Mont St-bruno Extreme Water Ski !! (look G-string Man)

Description: Aquaplane, ski Mont St-Bruno in Quebec 2008 and the G- STRING MAN


Water Bottle Prank!

Description: Water bottle prank performed at Northwestern Oklahoma State

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