scaring a roommate

Scaring a Roommate

Description: roommate playing xbox and he gets a thrill

me scaring gala.

Me Scaring Gala.

Description: Fran scaring Gala Radinovic in Canada.

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Scaring two girls off the table

Scaring Two Girls Off the Table

Description: 2 girls get scared so bad, they jump off the table.

scaring 9th graders on halloween prank

Scaring 9th Graders on Halloween Prank

Description: me pranking 9th graders on halloween 2007

Scaring Jacob

Scaring Jacob

Description: Big brother puts on scary mask and scares lil brother while he is watching tv.

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random guy scaring people

Random Guy Scaring People

Description: ok someone walks around streets screaming in peoples ear FUNNY

Scaring Brad

Scaring Brad

Description: we got brad good. listen to his groans

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Scaring my Step-Brother

Scaring My Step-brother

Description: Me scaring the crap outta my step brother

scaring fran

Scaring Fran

Description: by far the best fran scaring video, too bad i didnt get my reaction

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Scaring people is too much fun! Part 2!

Scaring People Is Too Much Fun! Part 2!

Description: More of the same! kudos to mom + sis.