Yellow Pages Prank in dorm room

Yellow Pages Prank in Dorm Room

Description: At Nova Southeastern University, our friend Ben was gone for the weekend so we did this to his room. He had a roommate so …

The Quarantined Room

The Quarantined Room

Description: We quarantined a guys room at college because we wanted to. It was a JOKE and harmless! What 30 feet of bubble wrap and …

Smelly room prank

Smelly Room Prank

Description: Smelly room prank

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The Destruction of Dan and Mikes Room - Part 2

The Destruction of Dan and Mikes Room – Part 2

Description: dan and mike are back – and here is their reaction to their room being torn apart

500 balloons, one room

500 Balloons, One Room

Description: miami university prank… we put 500 balloons in a kid’s room while he was at his class lecture…

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The Destruction of Dans and MIkes Room - Part 1

The Destruction of Dans and Mikes Room – Part 1

Description: we just pulled a simple prank on my roommate dan and mike. this is me recording everything a night before.

Stony Brook dorm room wake up call

Stony Brook Dorm Room Wake Up Call

Description: blowing a whistle to wake up my roommate lol *slow motion at the end

Flipped room at college prank

Flipped Room at College Prank

Description: Cobleskill hazing of my roommate Nick Tino

Dorm Room Toilet Papered

Dorm Room Toilet Papered

Description: This is what happens when you give a roommate your room code and forget about it.

Gada's New Room

Gada’s New Room

Description: A room covered with post its and full of balloons

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