Office Prankster Has Prank Turned Against Him

Office Prankster Has Prank Turned Against Him

A man comes in for a supposed job interview, while a current employee thinks he is about to prank the guy taking the interview. Little …

Howard Stern David Lee Roth prank Hilarious!!!!

Howard Stern David Lee Roth Prank Hilarious!!!!

Description: David Lee Roth prank phone call from the Howard Stern show with picture story board. Die Laughing funny!!!!

Hilarious Prank Calls - Yo it's Dexta

Hilarious Prank Calls – Yo It’s Dexta

Description: Prank calls by ItalianSpartacus that I edited so its just the dexta parts. Please rate and comment.

Failed Sonic Prank - Hilarious

Failed Sonic Prank – Hilarious

Description: The plan was to just ask for free drinks…which isn’t really that great of a prank but everything seemed funny that day so we …


Hilarious Video!!!

Description: Must watch funny bloopers

NDSU hilarious lecture breakup

Ndsu Hilarious Lecture Breakup

Description: apparently being on a ‘break’ with your girlfriend means you CANT sleep around. If you do, maybe your girlfriend will stand up and scream …

Justiciés Masqués Prank Sarah Palin (REAL AND HILARIOUS)

Justiciés Masqués Prank Sarah Palin (real and Hilarious)

Description: Justiciés Masqués Pranks Sarah Palin funny interview pretending to be president of France united states hilarious mccain funny fail speech prank crank call alaska …

Hilarious prank! Out of the box (rawr)

Hilarious Prank! Out of the Box (rawr)

Description: So I see this box behind bri’s shop and, being the mature person I am, jumped in it. Bri, being the mature person she …

HILARIOUS Text-To-Speech Prank Calls 2

Hilarious Text-to-speech Prank Calls 2

Description: More funny prank calls using a voice we created with a text to speech program. Please rate, comment and subscribe! #2:

Hilarious Scare Prank

Hilarious Scare Prank

Description: Me and my brother scare my friend; listen to the very endingg what she say well you see what happens when you sleep at …