Ghillie Suit Halloween Scare

Ghillie Suit Halloween Scare

Description: Ghillie Suit used to disguise into the background and scare little kids

scaring 9th graders on halloween prank

Scaring 9th Graders on Halloween Prank

Description: me pranking 9th graders on halloween 2007

Halloween - The Ultimate Scare - Part 5

Halloween – The Ultimate Scare – Part 5

Description: This video was filmed at the entrance to our Haunted House Party on Halloween. It was extremely dark so it filmed with a old …

Halloween Punch

Halloween Punch

Description: Halloween prank failed… see what happens… FUNNY!

Office Halloween Prank 2007

Office Halloween Prank 2007

Description: Michael Myers pays an early morning visit to a co-worker.

Halloween Scare Clips 2009

Halloween Scare Clips 2009

Description: Justin and Jonathan scare kids this past Halloween.

Nazgul halloween prt. 1

Nazgul Halloween Prt. 1

Description: Here we are again!! scaring kids on Halloween, dancing and taking pictures with kids!! Some people where to afraid to come get candy from …


Happy Halloween 2


Halloween costume Stilt Reaper final Test

Halloween Costume Stilt Reaper Final Test

Description: Halloween Yard Haunt Joslin St REAPER Stilt Test Final

Mom Smacks Kid after Scare Prank with Green Halloween Witch Mask

Mom Smacks Kid After Scare Prank with Green Halloween Witch Mask

Description: Shayne had just finished cleaning her room and wanted me to see how nice it looked with her new lamp and all. The Little …