Kid gets woken up (PRANK) before class

Kid Gets Woken Up (prank) Before Class

Description: A skit about a kid who pulls a failed prank by waking his friend (Jebadiah) up 20 minutes early.

George Galloway gets pwned by 4chan users!!! Over 9000!!!!!

George Galloway Gets Pwned by 4chan Users!!! Over 9000!!!!!

Description: Not the first time that George Galloway gets pranked by a caller, remember the Russian caller Igor who talked about his fat friend and …

Funny. drunk college guy's beer gets nailed.

Funny. Drunk College Guy’s Beer Gets Nailed.

Description: He has no clue whats coming! Watch his face.

Guy Gets Told He Has Chlamydia

Guy Gets Told He Has Chlamydia

Description: Guy Gets Told He Has Chlamydia. Didn’t have time to edit the conversation, but you will get the idea. ENJOY!!

Jon gets scared #2

Jon Gets Scared #2

Description: Another tough night for Jon. Poor bastard sleeps way to soundly.

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Brandon gets scared

Brandon Gets Scared


Chappelle prank calls Waffle house [black guy gets pissed]

Chappelle Prank Calls Waffle House [black Guy Gets Pissed]

Description: Chappelle Calls Waffle house [black guy gets pissed] prank call

orlando gets owned

Orlando Gets Owned

Description: cubicle worker gets scared by woman under his desk and screams like a bitch

Roommate gets owned with silly string as he sleeps

Roommate Gets Owned with Silly String As He Sleeps

Description: spraying the sleeping ogre with silly string

Hyper Jr. gets scared.

Hyper Jr. Gets Scared.

Description: While his mom was the intended target poor Hyper Jr. got scared too. I guess it was 2 for the price of 1.

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