CALLS FROM THE TOY CHEST: Thanksgiving pranks + Bonus Harrassment! + SUPRISE AT END!!

Calls from the Toy Chest: Thanksgiving Pranks + Bonus Harrassment! + Suprise at End!!

Description: Rick the Mullet Man along with his other buddies decide to make some Thanksgiving calls to wish them a happy holiday. Also contains Bonus …

Bauer's First Day Back from Europe

Bauer’s First Day Back from Europe

Description: This is what happens when you leave your office for 2 weeks! Originally posted 2010-05-01 17:05:57. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Hitting Angel with dime from slingshot,

Hitting Angel with Dime from Slingshot, “Where’d I Hit You?”

Description: Me shooting a dime at my roommate Angel. He blocked the first shot cuz he saw it coming, but I got him the second …

Gorilla Kidnapped from Maine

Gorilla Kidnapped from Maine

Description: Gorilla kidnapped..$500 Reward for the safe return of the Gorilla and information leading to the arrest and conviction of the Kidnappers. …..UPDATE…Case solved missing …

(New prank call) Luther Needs Help FROM FEMA!

(new Prank Call) Luther Needs Help from Fema!

Description: ADD MY FAN PAGE

Gujarati Prank call From Airport

Gujarati Prank Call from Airport

Description: A innocent indian immigrant is left stranded as his best mate is too cool for him anymore.

CALLS FROM THE TOY CHEST: Rick The Mullet Man threatens the hell outta a guy (+Vietman & Chinaman)

Calls from the Toy Chest: Rick the Mullet Man Threatens the Hell Outta a Guy (+vietman & Chinaman)

Description: THE TOY CHEST Hostname/IP: Port: 38007 Rick the Mullet Man decides to harass the living hell out of a victim. Plus The Vietman …

Roommate Falls from Scare

Roommate Falls from Scare

Description: Chris scares his roommate Dave again and makes him fall

ALL SHOULD WATCH!! - From l3ardoc

All Should Watch!! – From L3ardoc

Description: A little update you should all hear!