failed prank call - indian restaurant

Failed Prank Call – Indian Restaurant

Description: danman1254’s webcam recorded Video – September 05, 2009, 05:09 AM failed prank call lol


Biggest Failed Prank Ever

Description: Office prank Biggest fail Most funniest video ever to announce the new DORIprankiTOS !

Compilation of Failed Prank Calls

Compilation of Failed Prank Calls

Description: I pranked some random lady I found in the phonebook with the sound from Angels with Dirty and Filthy Souls(Home Alone), some random dude …

Failed Prank - The Mask

Failed Prank – The Mask

Description: alan tries to do a prank on adrian

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Failed Prank call and Lyric issues.....haha

Failed Prank Call and Lyric Issues…..haha

Description: This was taken a while back with the webcam that’s why the sound sounds weird. we just felt like uploading it today ^^ My …

Failed Prank Call :) (:

Failed Prank Call :) (:

Description: lol. yeahhh Connor kinda fails ;P

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RS Failed Prank Call to wal-mart - Danish accent

Rs Failed Prank Call to Wal-mart – Danish Accent

Description: my first attempt at prank calling diidnt reaaaaly go as ecspected, well better luck next time i guess L it was funny to

the failed prank that failed badly.wmv

The Failed Prank That Failed Badly.wmv

Description: tee hee hee hee so funny!!!

Failed Prank Calls: KDTV

Failed Prank Calls: Kdtv

Description: Khrystal Dawn & NishaStackz decided to prank call but fail HORRIBLY Comment Rate & SubScribe

Failed Sonic Prank - Hilarious

Failed Sonic Prank – Hilarious

Description: The plan was to just ask for free drinks…which isn’t really that great of a prank but everything seemed funny that day so we …