hungry jacks prank FAIL

Hungry Jacks Prank Fail

Description: we were pranking hungry jacks when our mate tried to make it better and failed

Prank Fail

Prank Fail

Description: a failed attempt to scare a friend of mine.

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Epic prank fail

Epic Prank Fail

Description: failed prank

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Bell Ringer Fail (Remix)

Bell Ringer Fail (remix)

Description: Just a remix I did of the Bell Ringer Fail because I thought that it was really funny. Song is “Lil Jon, and the …

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911 phone call fail

911 Phone Call Fail

Description: moron calling police epic fail of stupidity

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Drive thru FAIL!!

Drive Thru Fail!!

Description: Two failed attempts at drive thru pranks by a good friend

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Rachel's Prank Fail

Rachel’s Prank Fail

Description: trying to scare Tina coming out of the bathroom (Dec 07)

Prank Call: FAIL 2

Prank Call: Fail 2

Description: FAILED prank call!!!

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Prank... FAIL

Prank… Fail

Description: Failed prank attempt inside the beach house in Newport Beach.

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Microsoft Tech Support FAIL (Prank Call)

Microsoft Tech Support Fail (prank Call)

Description: Jared prank calls Microsoft’s tech support and tells them an error says “Press any key to continue” This lady is so stupid on the …