Nile and Bud #2 Failed prank call

Nile and Bud #2 Failed Prank Call

Description: tried to make prank phone call but it didnt work.. Originally posted 2009-11-03 13:00:48. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Semi-Failed Prank Call

Semi-failed Prank Call

Description: So, we were at my birthday party (April 2009). We were bored, so we prank called my friend Vanessa’s sister. My cousin did the …

Ownagepranks: Asian resturant takeout prank call

Ownagepranks: Asian Resturant Takeout Prank Call

Description: Ownage calls for a suck-a-dick chicken. Originally posted 2010-03-26 15:06:04. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Scientology prank call - Favorite Band?

Scientology Prank Call – Favorite Band?

Description: Asking the Dianetics information line what songs they would like to hear in future prank calls. Originally posted 2010-03-14 09:05:16. Republished by Blog Post …

Roy Wood Jr Prank Call- Weed in Breakroom

Roy Wood Jr Prank Call- Weed in Breakroom

Description: Comedian Roy Wood Jr (HBO, CBS, NBC, COMEDY CENTRAL) Does another hilarious prank phone call . He calls a lady to confront her about …

Funniest Prank Call Ever

Funniest Prank Call Ever

Cute kids and their pranks!

Mr. Burgess NASCAR Survey

Mr. Burgess Nascar Survey

Description: Mr.Burgess thinks he is taking a Nascar Racing survey over the phone.

There is a Turd in my Car

There Is a Turd in My Car

Description: Wanda Sykes prank calls about a turd in her car.

Arnold Prank Call - Gator Lodge

Arnold Prank Call – Gator Lodge

Description: Prank call using the Arnold Schwarzenegger audio soundboard. Gator lodge motel version with video.

keke's prank call where is reyeck

Keke’s Prank Call Where Is Reyeck

Description: keke pranks someone