Re: April Fools - Annual

Re: April Fools – Annual “Get Ricky” Prank Day

Description: Video Cam Direct Upload

April Fools 09 Neumann

April Fools 09 Neumann

Description: Neumann College students prank a girl who started some rumors and make her day a living hell

April Fools, mom, I'm a Father!

April Fools, Mom, I’m a Father!

Description: Prank calls his mom to tell her he’s a father.

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april fools, 2009

April Fools, 2009

Description: having a little fun in the office.

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April Fools Air Horn Scare! 2010

April Fools Air Horn Scare! 2010

Description: April Fools day 2010 scares!!! Follow Me!: ————————————- Follow me On! ——————————- – Forinfo on shout-outs,cool box spot, and having your …

Montage Of April Fools Day Pranks And Jokes

Montage of April Fools Day Pranks and Jokes

Description: Nobody is off limits around the JNF offices.

April Fools Day Prank- Watch the blinds!

April Fools Day Prank- Watch the Blinds!

Description: We scare our boss with a fake spider in the office

April Fools!

April Fools!

Description: April Fool’s Day. The only holiday that encourages being an asshole. I wish that my antics, pranks, and overall douchebaggery were as tolerated all …

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April Fools Office Prank - Cube full of packing peanuts

April Fools Office Prank – Cube Full of Packing Peanuts

Description: Prank pulled on the Engineering Manager. Setup time ~3 hours with a 2-man setup team.

april fools day prank

April Fools Day Prank

Description: the best prank to pull on april fools day… or so i thought

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