Singing In Public... Badly

Singing in Public… Badly

This funny video is one of the best one I’ve seen so far. Because we all have experienced this in public, People singing badly on …

Don't Look At My Girlfriend Prank

Don’t Look at My Girlfriend Prank

Don’t look at my Girlfriend. This couple is pranks passers by asking dudes “Why are you looking at my girlfriend like that?” What would you say in …

Spider-Man Kissing Prank

Spider-man Kissing Prank

How would you like to kiss Spiderman? Here’s a cool video of 2 guys testing chicks if they would like to kiss Spiderman with the infamous …

Don't I Know You?

Don’t I Know You?

“Hey Dude, Don’t I know you?” Here’s a cool and funny prank, A guy convincing people that they know him. Well, I kinda know him too. …

Miami Zombie Attack Prank

Miami Zombie Attack Prank

So days after the news of a man caught chewing someone else’s face off in Miami. A couple of guys with cameras and make-ups tried …

Public Prank - Drinking Windex

Public Prank – Drinking Windex

So there is this guy in a grocery store pranks people by drinking a freakin’ windex in public. What would you do if you see someone …

CIA Prank

Cia Prank

A guy pretends to be a CIA Agent that seems to be “Spying” and watching your every move.

Zombie Drive-Thru Prank

Zombie Drive-thru Prank

This guy dressed as a Zombie for Halloween Pranks Drive-Thru Employee. Just look at their faces when they realize that a friggin’ Zombie ordered a …

Ultimate Fight Me Prank

Ultimate Fight Me Prank

Imagine just chilling on the street and suddenly a cocky guy sets you up in a “Fight Prank” and seconds later 2 huge guys comes …

Scary Hangman Prank

Scary Hangman Prank

This “Hangman Prank” is pretty scary, Imagine walking down a not so dark street and seeing this guy “Hanged” himself. What are you going to do?