Service Pranks


Irish Girl Wants a Day Off School

Funny prank calls can make you happy in a few minutes especially when they are from an eight years cute girl. I saw a video …

FUNNIEST Bloopers/News Anchor Fails of 2012

Funniest Bloopers/news Anchor Fails of 2012

By looking at news at nine or any time we observe that news casting the one of the serious thing televised. The anchors and new …

Zombie Drive-Thru Prank

Zombie Drive-thru Prank

This guy dressed as a Zombie for Halloween Pranks Drive-Thru Employee. Just look at their faces when they realize that a friggin’ Zombie ordered a …

Car Wash Prank

Car Wash Prank

A guy opens the window while driving through a car wash after he finally convinces Nikki to go in the first place, after having a …

McDonald's Drive-Thru McPrank

Mcdonald’s Drive-thru Mcprank

Two guys decide to add “Mc” to everything they order, while confusing the employee in the process. I have a feeling the employee had a …

Drive Thru Pranking

Drive Thru Pranking

This guy does a great job pulling pranks on people working various fast food drive thrus.

Drive Thru Silliness

Drive Thru Silliness

A guy named ‘Munbles’ is confusing various drive-thru workers as he asks for food that does not exist.