Failed Pranks

Wake Up failed prank

Wake Up Failed Prank

Description: We thought/heared laura was still sleeping so we went to wake her up…she was already awake Originally posted 2010-03-17 04:08:14. Republished by Blog Post …

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Office Prankster Has Prank Turned Against Him

Office Prankster Has Prank Turned Against Him

A man comes in for a supposed job interview, while a current employee thinks he is about to prank the guy taking the interview. Little …

Failed prank on sister

Failed Prank on Sister

Description: I tryed scaring my sister but it did not work. But its kinda funny Originally posted 2010-04-30 04:08:05. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Stan and Steve's Failed Prank #1

Stan and Steve’s Failed Prank #1

Description: See wacky leprechaun Steve try to pull a ding dong ditch at his own brother’s house. Originally posted 2010-10-03 22:09:51. Republished by Blog Post …

FUNNIEST Bloopers/News Anchor Fails of 2012

Funniest Bloopers/news Anchor Fails of 2012

By looking at news at nine or any time we observe that news casting the one of the serious thing televised. The anchors and new …

Really? What Did He Think Would Happen?

Really? What Did He Think Would Happen?

This is a sign of what NOT to do when you are angry!

Failed Fire Alarm Prank

Failed Fire Alarm Prank

Tried hard to fool her mother that there was a fire and run into a saran wrapped doorway… but Fail!

Deadly Prank Gone Wrong

Deadly Prank Gone Wrong

This is pretty sad. But its good because it is so sad.

Failed Prank With Job Callback

Failed Prank with Job Callback

This one is lame because it does not work. But even lame can be amusing. From

Failed Prank Call at 1 AM

Failed Prank Call at 1 Am

Description: Kid tries to prank call his girl friend at 1 in the morning, but ends up getting a surprise himself.